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The healthcare system in Turkey

The healthcare system in Turkey

The healthcare system in Turkey

The healthcare system in Turkey offers high quality care. The Constitution of the Republic of Turkey states: "Everyone has the right to social security", which means that all citizens have access to high quality care. Both public and private healthcare services are easily accessible and affordable.

The medical care has developed rapidly lately and the capacity has increased significantly with the opening of new health care centers. The medical education has been modernized and with this, the number of specialist doctors has increased in several different areas such as aesthetics, eye and heart surgery, neurosurgery and orthopedics.

- Lately, Turkey has also progressed when it comes to organ transplantation, eye and dental care, plastic surgery and hair transplantation. This offers a diversity of services for both medical tourists and the increasing number of international senior citizens. 

Why seek treatment in Turkey?

Turkey offers a high quality of care. The accessibility as well as Turkey's geographical and strategic location and mild climate make Turkey a good choice for those looking for a healthcare provider abroad.

Turkey is a densely populated country and therefore physicians encounter a large number of cases within their specific area of ​​expertise. This provides diversity and increases the opportunity for skill development and experience.

Turkey's health care also has a competitive price level, many employees speak ​​other languages than Turkish, which means that its possible find an English speaking doctor ​​and there are generally short waiting times.