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Dahlia - UK

Happy customer who bought apartment from our Antalya Branch.

Lena - Belarus

I definitely recommend it. I consider myself very lucky that I found this company. I was looking for an apartment in Antalya near the airport. Real estate agents Barish and Tolga did their job quickly and accurately. First, they studied my request in detail. Only when they were convinced that they understood me correctly did they prepare a sheet of proposals for me. We went out to look at apartments several times. They discussed and clarified my wishes. We found a suitable option and helped prepare documents and calculate all payments. After purchasing the apartment, they offered me help in finding and purchasing furniture and appliances. I communicated with them in English. Thank you for your care and correct behavior. I wish you more grateful clients

Rizwan - Norway

Happy customer who bought apartment in Mersin and got his title deed.

Belhadef Sofiane Gaya - Algerie

Recently, we bought an apartment with Future Home, which is an excellent agency that I highly recommend, particularly Mr. Tolga and his colleague Mr. Baris who advised us well and assisted throughout the process, thank you very much.

Dollyz - Canada

Tolga was a Very professional person who take good care of every single thing to do for this matter and myself i recommend them strongly

Omar el chal - Denmark

Happy customer who bought apartment in Antalya from Future Homes

Parwez - Sweden

Amazing team, i bought apartment in Mersin from Future Homes and Ali. Proffesional. 

Lina - Holland

Trustable, proffesional and very helpful people and company. Bought 4 apartments from Future Homes. Recommending.

Alex - Russia

Happy customer who bought apartment in Antalya from Future Homes and Elena.

Mahonzi - Norway

We were going to buy an apartment in Turkey and got in touch with Future Homes. There we spoke with Ali Karan. We had many questions that needed to be answered before we decided to buy an apartment. Ali followed us up all the way. Answered all questions and made the process pleasant and orderly. Thanks for the great help. Are you looking for an apartment in Turkey, but don't know where to start? Talk to Ali Karan

Singh - UK

I am UK citizen who purchased apartment for investment in Turkey and i came cross Mr.Ali Karan from Future Homes. I have dealt with another agencies across Turkey with my investment portfolio, but i can most certainly guarentee you that my experience with Ali Karan was absolutely outstanding. His response to all my questions and information has been incredibly knowledgeable.

Sarkar Hassan - Norway

Incredibly good service and very good follow-up. Reassuring and efficient team! Kim S. and Ali Karan are highly recommended!

Ahsen - Norway

Meget god service, prater norsk . Kim var meget hjelpsom og fulgte opp hele veien. Fikk svar på alle spørsmål vi lurte på.

Mohamed - Sweden

Best company in Turkey, so happy to get my title deed. Thank you Future Homes and Tolga.

Yurii Glushkov - Russia

Happy customer who bought apartment in Kemer from Future Homes and Elena.

Olga - Russia

Bought our first apartment in Turkey with Future Homes. Very quick responses to any type of question that we had, everything is explained clearly and thoroughly. Advisor Elena is super knowledgeable, friendly and listened to every need we had. Great customer service, trustworthy company. Hopefully will help us with purchasing more properties. Highly recommend to anyone looking to buy in Turkey.

Tahir - Denmark

Had a great experience with Future Homes Antalya. Pleasant and welcoming staff with great expertise. Well organized, honest and reassuring. Both Mikail, Tolga and Cem have been welcoming and cooperative. Big praise from us.

Peker - Turkey

First of all thank you so much to Mr.Cem and Future Homes for all the help, i was scared to buy apartments which is under construction but in the end i bought 3 apartments from Future Homes. I definitely recommend this company if you want to buy an apartment.

Oksana - Ukraine

Happy customer who bought apartment from Elena and Future Homes today.

Zaid - Sweden

I bought an apartment in Avsallar through Ali. A very nice and helpful guy who can of course fix everything! Highly recommended

Kharon - Norway

Bought totally 2 apartments through Future Homes by recommendation from our friends. Very happy.

Poliakov - Russia

Bought apartment through Future Homes and Ksenia, very satisfied with all the help and service.

Nikolaus - Russia

Friends don't doubt
I recommend only contacting Future Homes
You are sure to be pleasantly surprised here. Future Homes team!!!
Hello to everyone who is planning to buy apartments in Turkey.
I recently bought 2 apartments in a complex in Antalya from Future Homes.  I'm going to buy another one in the near future. I am very pleased with the service and the help I received. I can only recommend Future Homes.
Special thanks to Ksenia for her support in all matters.
Great team, professional approach!

Abdulla - Sweden

Definitely recommending Future Homes if you want to purchase apartment overseas, they was with me through all the process. Thank you Tolga and Ksenia from Future Homes.

Milan - Serbia

I wanted to buy a property in Konyaalti when i accidentally came to Future Homes and was delighted with their professionalism. I think this property is just the beginning of a long-term cooperation with Future Homes.

Haron and Larisa - Russia

Friends bought apartment at Fly port Residence and recommended us the complex and we are also happy customers from Future Homes now.

Magomed and Asetta - Germany

Great service!
I can recommend you Ali Karan with a clear conscience.
He is very serious, honest and helpful.

Blaine - Canada

4 apartments bought through Future Homes and Ali Karan and 4 title deed recivied, very satisfied.

Branimir - Serbia


Linda - Canada

Will keep it short, We are pleased with everything.

Khan - Holland

Bought apartment in Fly Port Residence, very satisified with the service we got from Future Homes.

Subhi - Sweden

We bought an apartment through Future Homes. Wonderful service. Many thanks to everyone on the team, very happy! Highly recommend.

Zuhal Peker - Turkey

Hi, my name is Zuhal and i live in Istanbul, me and my husband had an online viewing with Cem Cakiroglu who is the sales manager at Future Homes. We wanted to invest in Antalya for a long time and we found this complex which is Fly Port Residence in Antalya. Our first apartment in that complex we bought 2 months ago, then we invested totally 3 1+1 apartments. I am very suprised with how proffesional they are, if you want to invest in Turkey then you should definitely contact Future Homes.

Issam Ammar - Qatar

Hello, my name is Issam Amar, i live in Qatar, i heard about Fly Port Residence and bought apartment in Antalya thru Future Homes. I am recommending Antalya and Future Homes if you want to purchase in Turkey.


Soleiman El Heish - Sweden

Very satisified with the service with Ali Karan and Future Homes. I have within one year bought 4 apartments from the Future Homes company. 2 in Fly Port Residence and 2 in Antalya, Kepez. Thank you Ali!

Nasir - Norway

We was searching to buy one apartment each and found Future Homes in Antalya, we was very satisfied with the work the team made for us and helped us thru every step. Thank you Future Homes.

Noor - Sweden

My friends recommended me Future Homes and Ali Karan, and i bought apartment in Altintas today online.

Vicdan - Sweden

Bought apartment in Alanya, Avsallar. Came as a referral customer from my friend in Sweden. Recommending Future Homes if you want to purchase flat in Turkey

Maher Loul - Sweden

Very proffesional company. I purchased a very nice apartment in a complex in Antalya. Thank you Future Homes

Mohamed - Canada

Bought 3 apartments in Fly Port Residence in Antalya, Altintas from Future Homes and a happy customer.

Cansel Aykut - Norway

We made online viewing tour with Ali Karan at Future Homes, we was very interested in Fly Port Residence and finally after decision with my husband we bought a nice apartment there. I definitely recommend Future Homes for the future buyers. 

Abouaoun - Sweden

Hello, We have recently completed the purchase of 3 apartments in a complex in Antalya from Future Homes, we are very satisfied with the service and help we received. We recommend Future Homes if you want to buy property in Turkey. Today i got my 3 title deeds.

Adam Ahmad Ismail - Sweden

I'm really happy with the Ali at Future Homes. Everything has gone smoothly and it has been a safe business. From the beginning when he showed the apartment until today when we signed for the team (Tapun). I give him 10 stars for his service.

Sharokh - Sweden

Firstly i am very happy to say that i got all my 3 title deed yesterday, and i am very happy with the help i got during all the process and even with the aftersale service. Ali and Future Homes team was always with me, and whatever the time is(morning,afternoon,night etc…he always answer me and always is there for me) I definitely recommend you to call Future Homes if you are interested to purchase in Turkey.

Amir - Sweden

I am very happy with the purchase I made from Future Homes and Ali Karan, a very honest and professional man who helped me throughout the purchase and even after.

Taha - Sweden

Ali Karan thank you for everything, the purchase went very smoothly and quickly and also to get the title deed, and i am very very happy with the purchase, and you are very good hearted and wish you all the best in life.

Huseyin - Sweden

I definitely recommend Future Homes if you are looking to invest in Turkey.

Dana - Sweden

Very professional treatment. A young company with great ambitions that works hard for the customer to undergo a secure real estate transaction. They focus on the long term and care about the relationship.

+ Committed
+ Knowledgeable
+ Humble
+ Nice welcome and good service.

Ihsan – Sweden

I was searching to invest in apartment in Antalya and found Ali Karan and Future Homes at google, i am very happy that they helped me thru all the process.

Ibrahim – Sweden

Hello, We have recently completed the purchase of 3 apartments in a complex in Antalya from Future Homes, we are very satisfied with the service and help we received. We recommend Future Homes if you want to buy property in Turkey.

Mahani – Sweden

Hi My name is Mahani, I am an investor from Iran and Sweden.
I met Ali Karan and Future Homes at their office in Antalya and met many brokers before, although I got stuck on this company (Future Homes) because he was very honest and not so much upon me. He was very calm, the company and Ali were very helpful throughout the process. In the end, I bought 3 apartments from them. I highly recommend this company.

Twana – Sweden

Ali is an honest, knowledgeable and friendly broker!