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Residence Permit in Turkey

Residence Permit in Turkey

Residence permit in Turkey

Foreign nationals wishing to enter Turkey must have a visa (30, 60 or 90 days) or a visa exemption. Foreigners who wishes to stay longer must apply for a residence permit in Turkey, usually on an annual basis. 

First of all, you need to fill in an online application with a biometric photo.

To obtain a residence permit in Turkey, you need the following documents:
- Registration form for residence permit
– An original and a copy of your passport or travel document (the photo page and the page with the last stamp of entry)
- Four passport photos
- Proof of a valid health insurance in Turkey.
- An official document with your address (either a copy of a signed and notarized rental agreement or a document that proofs the ownership of a property in Turkey.

If you are applying for a residence permit for the first time, you must make an online reservation before going to the immigration office. The online booking must always be made before the tourist visa expires. Complete the e-ikam (online application) on the official website ( and make sure you have all the documents ready as stated above.

If you are applying for the very first time, select "first application". After completing the e-ikam, you will get a confirmation page with all the details and information on how to pay the fee for processing your permit. We recommend that you print this confirmation page if possible as the migration office might ask for a copy.

Extended permit for accommodation

If you have recently applied for a residence permit, you still need to follow the steps mentioned. However, instead of making an online booking, you only need to fill out the online application and submit all the documents.